Fifth Wheel Campers Offer Generous Living and Storage Space

fifth wheel campers, fifth wheel camper

Fifth wheel campers are designed to be towed by a truck that is equipped with a fifth wheel hitch.

These RVs range in length from about 20-40 feet and can easily sleep up to 6-8 people. The price range for a new fifth wheel is approximately $15,000 to about $100,000...depending on the quality and amenities.

You may want to consider fifth wheel campers if you need space, want conveniences and perhaps, a bit of luxury, but don't want the expense of owning a motor home.

Many people use these, or other larger camping trailers, as their 2nd home or vacation home. They are much less expensive than building a permanent structure, and unlike a mobile home, they can be easily moved.

Many of the newer models come with slide outs which add substantially to your living space. In fact, many of your larger fifth wheels are larger than many Class A motor homes. Because of the added space, this appears to be the RV of choice of many full-timers.

fifth wheel camper stairway

Their design allows for a split level floor plan. And, it is usually the master suite and bathroom that is elevated.

Most of the models have steps that are more simple in design than this one.

But, as time progresses, we're beginning to see more creativity in floor plans and more attention to design details.

Counter space is commonly a drawback for any RV. Some manufacturers are now addressing this by adding kitchen islands to their fifth wheels which, of course, adds substantially to the counter top space available for meal preparation. It also makes the RV feel much more like a "brick and mortar" home.

fifth wheel camper living and kitchen

You'll also notice in this picture that the dining area consists of a table and chairs...not the typical seating arrangement for an eating area in an RV.

In the living area, many come with double recliners and a couch...plenty of seating or lounging space for you!

Another very nice design addition is a fire place. They can range from simple to very elegant!

There are lightweight travel trailers that are designed to be towed by smaller, lighter vehicles. Many are very spacious and filled with amenities. Just remember, when towing anything, be sure to check out the specifications to make sure it can be towed safely.

Looking for inspiration? Check this out!

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