Add to Your Outdoor Experience with Motorcycle Camping Trailers

motorcycle camping trailers are the ticket to maximizing your outdoor experience.

Motorcycle camping trailers make RVing a possibility for just about everyone!

If you’ve ever noticed a small trailer being pulled behind a motorcycle, it may have been more than a simple storage compartment on wheels. It may have been the rider’s RV; their home away from home.

Seems hard to believe, right?

Simply put, a motorcycle camping trailer is a hybrid unit. It's a cross between a trailer and a tent. If you’re thinking, “That sounds like a pop-up trailer .", you’re right on the money! Except... They are m-u-c-h smaller.

The two primary, distinguishing characteristics of these tiny camping trailers are:

1) They are extremely lightweight, and
2) They are very compact.

They are smaller and more compact than the tiniest of the tiny teardrop camper trailers and because of their diminutive size, they can be safely towed by almost any size motorcycle. ...Or by the smallest sub-compact car.

(Regardless of what you’re towing,
ALWAYS check with your vehicle’s manufacturer/dealer
to determine what you can and cannot safely tow.)


You’re probably wondering what you can realistically expect from a camping unit that has a top surface size smaller than an average sized folding table or that is almost as small as a wheelbarrow. I can almost guarantee you’ll be very pleasantly surprised if you haven't taken much time to explore these fabulous little camping trailers before now.

For starters, and regardless of the size and manufacturer, these little gems give you a high and dry place to change clothes and a mattress off the ground for sleeping above those night-time crawling critters.

But from here, motorcycle camping trailers are just like any of the other RV types... There are a lot of options.

Here’s a list of some of the options for your consideration:

  • Canvas top or hard top?
  • Sun roof?
  • Double bed, queen bed or king bed?
  • One bed or two beds?
  • Heated bed(s)?
  • Living room/den extension?
  • Electrical interior lights?
  • An attached carport for your motorcycle?
  • An exterior storage room?
  • Air conditioning?

Pleasantly surprised? It certainly brings to mind the saying, "Big surprises come in small packages.", right?

How long does it take to set up one of these?

    The answer, of course, varies. Some take quite a while and some take about a minute or so. There is one manufacturer that states in its marketing materials that it takes about 30 seconds.

How many people does it take to set up one?

    Again, it varies. Some units need two people to set it up. Some need only one person, and some require no one at all.

Seriously? No one? That’s right! Necessity (or sometimes, sheer desire) is the mother of invention and technology makes invention easy. For those who really prefer not to hassle with any part of the set up process at all or for those who have limited physical range of motion abilities, there is an option.

Want more information about motorcycle camping trailers?

    Check out Trailers Resource. Regardless of whether you're looking for motorcycle trailers to pull behind your motorcycle which will serve as your "home away from home" or whether you're looking for trailers which will allow you to tow your beloved motorcycle, this site is packed with a great deal of information about trailers of all types and sizes.

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