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Most likely, you're wondering which RV jobs are best?

And, the answer is: That depends.

What skills do you have? How many hours do you want to devote to the job? How much money do you need. The answer really depends on you.  It's totally up to you...

The beauty is that jobs that are suited to RVers and RV travel are the perfect solution for many people who truly wish to have this fabulous lifestyle.

Keep in mind - The ultimate goal is to find gainful employment that will allow you to live or travel in your RV for extended periods of time.

And, even if you don't need the money, a job will provide an avenue to fill a few hours per day.

...Or, some RV jobs are the perfect way to learn a new hobby or skill, or to fullfill a life-long desire to do something totally different that what you've always done.

Below are ideas to help you find a starting point and to help you create your very own action plan...

  • Start an online business. Do like I did. Without having any technical skills, I used SiteSell to build this successful, themed-based website. If you have special knowledge, special skills, a passion, a hobby or just a desire to be your own boss, you can turn that into a successful business!  (If you're interested - here's my story...)

  • Workamping (or Work Camping) One of the best ways to see the world in your RV is to find a workamping job. In essence, this is a way to work your way around the country and earn yourself a free campsite. Want to know more? Click here to learn more about workamping - we've really enjoyed our years as workampers! It's a way to travel frugally, but even more than that, we've made some wonderful friends through the years, too.

  • Freelance Writing. Got a knack for writing? Be a ghost writer or write for a magazine. Travel and write about your experiences and put them into a book or ebook for others to enjoy - or - follow your heart and write a book or two.  

    Want a real-life example?

      Jo Webnar, a fellow workamper is a real-life, published author! After working in the corporate world for years, she and her husband decided to head in another direction.

      When Jo first arrived at the RV park, I noticed an advertisement on her RV, so I downloaded Twilight - which was her first book.

      Much to my surprise, she's a very, very good author!

      A few days, later, she arrived on my "front porch" with a signed copy of her second book, Saving Tampa. It's even better!

      What a way to travel! Doing what you're naturally gifted at and loving every moment of it!

  • Healthcare Travel Workers. If you are a medical professional, there are plenty of jobs available that qualify as RV jobs which will allow you the freedom to travel.

  • Telephone Sales or Surveys. People in this industry rarely stay long, so the turnover may be a blessing in disguise for you. Opportunities exist for responsible people.

  • Photography. Do you consider yourself to be somewhat of a shutterbug? Are you passionate about a particular type of photography? How about a free-lance job for a newspaper, magazine or website? Can you contract with federal or state parks to photograph particular sites and/or events? Even better... Put your photos together and sell them in a booth at local fairs and events. Ken falls into this category. He always has a camera with him and loves taking pictures of nature and has created his very own website (KenRainwaterPhotography.com) for others to enjoy. So, this just happens to be one of those RV jobs that's almost custom made for him.

  • Create an eBay store.
    You can sell almost anything on eBay. Sell individual items, if they are high dollar items, such as vehicles, furniture, collector's items, etc. Set up a store, if you have access to products that you can easily store and ship, or if you have a drop-ship provider.

  • Local Businesses & Restaurants. This opens the door for a wide variety of RV jobs and it could be a wonderful option for you if you prefer working directly with people, rather than working on the internet. Most likely, you'll be able to find someone who would jump at the chance to hire someone with experience and who is responsible. On one of our first RV trips, we met a man who had retired as the CEO of a large corporation. He was working a few days a week (4 hours at night) as a dishwasher at one of the local restaurants...and LOVED it!

  • Electrical and Mechanical RV Repair. If you're mechanically minded, you might have excellent opportunities in providing RV repairs around your RV park and/or for campers in other parks that are in the vicinity.

  • Temporary Employment. Temporary jobs can last from a few days to longer... If you've decided where you would like to RV, find a temporary employment agency in that area. Two of the most well-know temporary agencies are Manpower and Kelly Services. One advantage to working with a larger agency is that you could potentially have work opportunities in more than one general, centralized area which could be a huge advantage if you are want to travel around the country rather than stay in one or two areas. ...just imagine...RV jobs waiting for you when you arrive...
  • However, there are most likely a number of other agencies that could provide you with several choices of RV jobs. Just do a web search for "temporary employment agencies" in the area you will be visiting.

  • Speaker/Trainer. Do you have a specialty? Something that you're highly experienced in or something that you have a passion about? Turn that into cash by developing a presentation or two around it. Record them and sell them or find opportunities to give these presentations as you travel...or, both. And, if you're experienced at speaking, perhaps joining a speaker's bureau would prove to be a viable option.

  • www.Elance.com--Sign up at Elance and search over 30,000 jobs today. If you have experience at administrative support, sales, marketing, web design and programming, multimedia, writing, translation, finance, management, legal, engineering, manufacturing, research (and more), check them out. List your specialties and employers can seek you out, based on their needs. (As a business owner in the past, I've used them and have been very satisfied.) And, if you're a business owner, but feel you can't get away long enough to really enjoy RV living and RV travel, then E-lance may be a way to identify the talent you need to allow you a bit more freedom.

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